Real Greeting Cards Sent Worldwide
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In this web site you can buy real greeting cards, place your message inside and post them to destinations near to home or worldwide. It's fast, reliable, inexpensive and totally secure. The average greeting card price is 2.60 pounds sterling, 4 US dollars including delivery from post box to mail box. Some are a little more, some a little less, but the exact greeting card price is show in pounds sterling on each. When you use your credit card you will be charged in your own currency.
Please press the Goldbug logo to look at our selection of real paper greeting cards that you can write your personal message inside and mail to any destination worldwide. It takes just a few minutes to choose a genuine greeting card, write your message inside and pop it in the mail box at the checkout for the postman to deliver. So send a card, person to person, with love or best wishes, it's a gift that costs so little and means so much. Goldbug cards are real quality greeting cards, sent from your personal computer stamped and delivered. They are just like the greeting cards from your local shop for a: message, birthday, congratulations, anniversary, good luck, new home, get well, engagement, marriage, christening, retirement, mothers day, fathers day, holiday, thank you, birth announcement, anniversary, new baby, Christmas, valentine's day, love.